Terms and conditions of Latitud Tenerife

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Latitud Tenerife is not an experience for all audiences.

The experience is mainly designed for medium and advanced level (never basic) trekkers. The participation of children is not allowed, with the minimum recommended age being 16 years. Minors must always be accompanied and under the responsibility of an adult. For basic safety reasons it is not recommended to make the journey to individually.

To carry out this journey you must have knowledge of progression, safety and orientation in the mountains. The use of GPS is essential. The use of this device together with the road book are essential elements to guarantee the achievement of the challenge.

From Latitud Tenerife we have taken into account all the foreseeable risks in the realization of this experience. After its analysis we have spent a lot of time in applying all the factors that minimize them so you can perform the activity with maximum security. We strongly recommend reading the “Advices" section of the web.

Latitud Tenerife, is fully responsible for the users who hire our services, to the extent offered in our portal. Latitud Tenerife is not a source of consultation for those who want to make this experience on their own without hiring our professional services. If this last case occurs, the responsibility is exclusively of these users.


Latitud Tenerife can only be made with prior reservation through our website.

The price provided for the entire trip is based on double room. If you wish to make the trip you should only consult the price increase for the single room or wait for the existence of another person who is willing to share a room on the same dates.

To book Latitud Tenerife you must make the reservation online by making a 25% of payment.


Once we receive the reservation we will send you an e – mail with the program, which contains all the details of the experience, including the total amount.

The reservation is subject to availability of the accommodations associated with the project. If there is no availability, alternative accommodation will be searched for. In the extraordinary case of not having available places, the amount paid will be refunded.

The remaining amount of the reservation (75% of the total amount) must be paid at least 15 days after the start of the activity (by bank transfer or by providing a card number).


* Cancellation charges will not be made until 15 days before the start date of the activity, returning the amount paid.

* In the 15 days before of the start date: 25% of the total amount will not be returned as management costs.

* From the last 7 days before the start date: No refund will be made.


Once the reservation is formalized, no changes can be made to the program, except the possibility of adding extra services (subject to availability). Once the activity has started, no changes can be made to the program.


Latitud Tenerife is an outdoor activity that contains a certain component of adventure. Therefore, the inclement weather is not a reason for suspension or modification of the activity. In case of extreme situations (fires, snowfall or declaration of alerts by the Canary Islands Government that expressly prohibit the performance of activities in the natural environment) an alternative accommodation will be searching for if necessary (if it had, running the users with the difference in amount), an alternative route will be attempted , if any (if it had, the user is running with the amount of transfers) and no refund will be made for the partial or total cancellation of the challenge.


The abandonment of any participant must be notified to the Latitud Tenerife organization on the same day it occurs, and will not entail the return of the amount paid..


The confirmation of the reservation implies the acceptance of the above conditions.