Where the volcanoes hide

An amazing island, for its diversity, climate and authenticity...Discover its volcanic nature. A place with an exclusive charm


A miniature continent

The weather in Tenerife is characterized by its mildness in summer and its warmth during winter, and the high amount of sunny days during the year. With temperatures about 17 celsius degrees in winter and 25 celsius degrees in the hottest months, the atmosphere refreshes with the sea breeze and the trade winds. Furthermore, the island characteristics allow diverse different weathers to take place from one place to another, to the point of being able to play with the snow in El Teide and, in the same day, sunbathe and jump into the ocean in the southern shore of the island.

Source: turismo de Tenerife.

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Where the volcanoes hide.

Teide, Teno  and Anaga rock masses, pebble and black sand beaches, sea bottoms…Tenerife’s unique landscapes is the volcanism results that, through millions of years, have shaped the territory . There  are several peculiarities or some unknown information about the geologic origin and evolution of Tenerife, that explain the great scientific interest on the volcanic activity in the island.

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Flora and fauna

Biodiversity territory

Despite its small extension of 2034 km2, Tenerife island has a surprising ecological diversity due to special environmental conditions: the relief modifies the weather conditions, what produces a rich microclimate variety. This abundance of microclimates and , in consequence, of natural habitats, is reflected in the local vegetation, composed of a rich flora (1400 superior plants species), highlighting several canary endemisms (200) and from Tenerife (140). The fauna inventory in Tenerife has about 400 fish species, 56 birds, 5 reptiles, 2 amphibians, 13 land mamas and several thousand of invertebrates, apart from some species of land turtles and cetaceans.

Source: Turismo de Tenerife. More information.

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