An incredible experience

As CEO of the promotional company of the activity I needed to live the experience personally before it went on the market. The experience was indescridable. Crossing the island inch by inch was a challenge for me. It gave me a more complete vision about our territory, which reaffirms the idea that we live in … Continue reading An incredible experience

Step by step discovered an island

An experience that will make you enjoy meeting the diversity of this territory. Without doubts, its landscapes, its flora, its fauna, its climate and its traditions will surprise you. Every road and every place with its own history. Enjoy them and keep them.  

Latitud Tenerife is a really recommendable experience

After Latitud Tenerife, I feel more like me. These kinds of experiences are those that help you to find sense of the existence of yourself. The physical and mental effort made are carefully covered by a nebula of ideas.  

The dream of any mountaineer

Put together job and passion is something that everyone cannot boast. During my practices at the end of Mountain Guide Course I had the opportunity to participate by testing this journey, enjoying the experience of walking my whole island from one end to other. As a mountain lover I recommended it to anyone who wants … Continue reading The dream of any mountaineer