LATITUD TENERIFE: Tenerife´s most remarkable trekking route

We invite you to have a vital experience in Tenerife. An adventure where nature and adventure meet while trekking in a journey from coast to coast.

  • Self-guided experience with assistance.
  • From Punta de Teno to Anaga, ascending to Mount Teide, Spain’s highest peak.
  • 3718 meters above sea level among laurisilva forest, pine trees, volcanos, mountains and unique coast landscapes.
  • 365 days with the world’s best weather are waiting for you.
  • Walking route,   running and bicycle options will be offered soon.

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Latitud Tenerife

An experience for travelers

It is believed that Who eventually listens to the mountain’s heartbeat, will never forget it and the summits are a space for searching, where each one chases a goal.

From Latitud Tenerife we help you to feel the island’s nature while you make your dream come true. 

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We share with you the experience of discovering the nature of Tenerife.

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